Tanzania: Mineral Processing Plant to Be Constructed in Dar es Salaam

18th September 2017

By Cledo Michael

Dar es Salaam — The first plants to process Tantalum and Niobium, worth $40 million is set to be constructed and start production in Tanzania from September next year.

The plants are the first of their kind to be put up in in Africa and will be operating at African Minerals and Geoscience Centre (AMGC). Their construction has been possible after agreements was reached with AB Minerals Corporation, to improve capacity of the center.

The Director of AB Minerals Corporation, Mr Frank Balestra, said the plants uses high technology systems and special for value addition of Coltan Concentrate (Tantalum and Niobium).

He added that construction work has already begun to enable the plants start operations next year.

“We want to make it easier and accessible for miners to sell their minerals directly to smelters firm and push more money down because the system is cost effective. This will help to reduce costs incurred for agencies, transport and export of finished goods at high value that allow for the significant tax benefit for the nation,” he added.

Mr Balestra said the plants will help to process 3,000 tonnes of Coltan concentrate annually and will cut exportation of raw minerals which was not benefiting the Country substantially.

The project will add capacity to the African Minerals and Geoscience Centre (AMGC) and enable it to meet its objectives of effective utilisation of minerals by adding value to match with market needs.

Mr Balestra said this is the perfect time to invest in minerals to support effort of existing government to ensure that natural resources are used for the benefit of its citizen.

Tantalum and Niobium, are used to make telephone gadgets, computers, airplane engines and electrical equipment.

SOURCE: http://allafrica.com/stories/201709190232.html

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